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Vanessa Maria

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She was one dear cousin that I loved with all my heart she always had a hug for me . And I will always miss her but planning on seeing her again after this race is run remember she is only gone away with a friend soon to return again with all her glory we will meet in the skys to be forever with the lord God Bless Each and every one yours in Christ Rev Ruben Vanhoose jr

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     Vanessa Maria was born Vanessa Maria Cochran October 4th 1963 in Parkersburg WV.  There will never be another voice like Vanessa Maria, the voice of an angel.

     Vanessa was a very talented young lady who battled cancer from the time she turned 25 years old till her passing on October 12th 2014. Through the years of her life she never gave up hope of beating the deadly disease and her faith in GOD never weakened. 

     She recorded many albums and performed on the Grand O Opera. Her album "O That I Were An Angel" was produced by Dick McVey in Nashville TN.

     Vanessa also loved to draw and paint. She was a professional dancer and song writer. Vanessa taught elementary school in the Wood County, West Virginia school district. 

     Project Records will donate a percentage of her profits to "Gateway for Cancer Research" in her name. (The CD "FLY" will be 100% of the profits donated in her name.)





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